Celine Redfield

Celine Redfield


Originally trained as a visual artist, 12 years ago Celine changed her focus in life toward service towards others. Celine obtained her master's in Psychology from Phillips Graduate instUniveristyitute and is a licensed Art and Marriage and Family Therapist.

After working for three years with clients using standard psychological techniques she desired to learn more about energy work and understanding the meridians in the body to help aid in healing in her clients. Celine obtained her EFT Master Practitioner credential from AMT. She is trained in Acupressure Mastery Course for Mental Health. She is also a certified practitioner in Havening Techniques which uses energy medicine and neuroscience to reduce stress, anxiety and trauma.

Celine mixes a combination of art therapy, Self-compassion mindfulness, cognitive work, metaphor, and energy work to tailor a treatment to help clients through breaking old patterns, removing energy blockages, and helping people to feel more empowered in their lives.

Celine blogs on a semi-weekly basis about how to live a life that you love. Please visit her blog http://www.innergrowththerapy.com/blog to learn more.



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